Together Waunakee Take Two/Century Avenue Project

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Waunakee's Century Avenue between Woodland Drive and Main Street will be reconstructed and improved during the summer of 2017. As the project progresses, we encourage everyone to "Stay Connected and Stay Informed" using the up-to-date information we will have available on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and WaunaBlog.

Estimated Project Timeline

January 24:    2017 Public Works Improvement Project Public
                       Informational Meeting and Open House
April:               Construction Set to Begin
                       Phase 1 - Utilities Between 4th Street and 8th Street
                       Phase 2 - Utilities Between 2nd and 4th Street
                       Phase 3 - Roadway Between 2nd Street and 4th Street
                       Phase 4 - Roadway Between 4th Street and 8th Street
                       Phase 5 - Utilities and Roadway Work Between 8th Street
                                        and Woodland Drive
Mid October:  Estimated Project Completion

Click the link below to view the 2017 Public Works Improvement Projects webpage that includes information on the 2017 Century Avenue Reconstruction:
2017 Century Avenue Reconstruction

Events and Important Dates

Project Contact Information

Village Construction
 Jim Madden

Village Hall:                       (608) 850-8500

Waunakee Area
Chamber of Commerce:
  (608) 849-5977

Stay Connected


Detour Maps and Related Information

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